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Irish Content - Current Favorites!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I get it, January was a long year. So while you’re buried beneath the blankets, I’ve put together some of my current Irish favorites to help you weather the storms. Whether you’re looking to get excited for an upcoming trip, reminisce on a past adventure, or simply enjoy all things Ireland, you’ll hopefully find some new Irish content to add to the mix.

What to Watch

Derry Girls

This show is everything you could want out of a television series. The writing is phenomenal, and it’s the perfect blend of humor, reality, and heart-warming charm. The series focuses on a group of teenagers growing up in Derry, Northern Ireland in the 90's while some of the bloodiest episodes of the Troubles unfold. The show hilariously chronicles the trials of everyday teenagers against the backdrop of one of the darkest chapters in Ireland's history. Their escapades are side splitting, and also make you nostalgic for your school days spent laughing with your friends.

Enjoy some highlights here

Where to find it: Netflix

Music Pick

Dermot Kenney

Hailing from Rathcoole, County Dublin, Dermot’s powerful voice and intricate lyrics will have you hooked in no time. Power Over Me, Rome, and All My Friends, are some favorites. It’s not your traditional Irish album, but a fresh new pulse on Irish music. So, give Dermot Kennedy a listen, buy the album, catch him in concert, give him a follow on Instagram, and the like.

Where to find him: All of your standard music outlets, as well as his world tour.

Podcast pick

Shite Talk: An Irish History Podcast

Over the past year, the rise of the podcast has been mighty, and looking to join any bandwagon I can, I turned to this outlet in hopes it could do what 20 years of schooling couldn’t – teach me about Irish History. Jason Brennan and Kevin Larney take turns reading each other historical tales, with varying amounts of facts/accuracy, but always delivering a good laugh. It’s the perfect podcast to ease yourself into history as it’s not too heavy. So, if you want to learn a bit, but are really there to have a good time, give Shite Talk a listen to hear some of the tales from Ireland's past. #CarlowRising

Where to find it: Listen on any podcast app, or give 'em a follow on Instagram




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