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 Heart of Bavaria
Germany Tour

8 Day




Start: Frankfurt

End: Munich


  • Visit the Neuschwanstein fairy tale castle
  • Take in the views from Germany's tallest mountain
  • Explore the Bavarian countryside
  • Visit the Munich Residence 
  • Have a drink in world famous beer halls
  • Visit Strasbourg, France
  • Max group size = 12
  • See the best of Bavaria
  • Tour leader throughout 
  • Ages 18+
Just as a heads up: this trip is new to our range this year. And while we have thoroughly researched every detail of the logistics, new destinations can sometimes throw us some unexpected surprises. More often than not, it’ll be a great surprise. But every now and again there might be a hiccup. We like to think that’s what puts the ‘adventure’ in ‘adventure travel’.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Frankfurt

Welcome to Germany!

Our German adventure begins in Frankfurt, which has been given the unofficial title of the Heart of Europe based on the many art and history museums. Explore Frankfurt's old town as well! At 5:00 we'll have our welcome meeting and dinner to kick off our Germany adventure.

Included Today: Hotel 

Frankfurt, Germany

Day 2: Baden-Baden

This morning we depart the big city of Frankfurt and head to the small town of Baden-Baden, situated on the eddge of the Black Forest. We'll travel by train (1 hr. 20 min). Enjoy spending time in this quaint spa town, with many shops, ice cream stops, and historical points of interest. You can also join an optional excursion this afternoon to the top of Merkur Mountain, which uses a funicular to get to the top. We'll be staying two nights at this accommodation.
Included Today: Train Ticket from Frankfurt to Baden-Baden,  Accommodation, Breakfast


Murker Mountain

Day 3: Day Trip to Strasbourg, France

Today we journey to France for a day trip to Strasbourg. The location of Baden-Baden is very close to the French border, and we'll travel just over 1 hour by train to reach Strasbourg. Here you'll have free time to explore the town and get lunch. Strasbourg is home to a stunning gothic cathedral, and is the official seat of the European parliament. Here, French and German culture and architecture are blended perfectly. And you'll see many old timber buildings. We'll end our day back in Baden-Baden.
Included: Breakfast, Strasbourg Day Trip, Accommodation


Strasbourg, France

Day 4: Munich, The Heart of Bavaria

This morning we depart Baden-Baden and head for the heart of Bavaria, Munich. The train journey is roughly 3.5 hrs, and we'll arrive in Munich mid-day. After a break for lunch, we'll head to the Munich Residence. The Munich Residence served as the seat of government and residence of the Bavarian dukes and kings from 1508 to 1918. What began as a castle in 1385 was transformed over the centuries into a magnificent palace. The rooms and art begin with the Renaissance and extend to the early Baroque and Rococo to Neoclassicism. Explore at your leisure, and then enjoy your evening in Munich. Why not check out the world famous Hofbräuhaus! We spend 1 night at this accommodation.
Included: Breakfast, Train Ticket, Munich Residence Entrance Ticket, Accommodation


Day 5: Garmisch-Partenkirchen & Bavarian Countryside

This morning we depart Munich, and travel by train to the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (1.5 hrs), a prominent destination for hiking and skiing. This journey takes us into the Bavarian countryside, and we'll be staying close to the Austrian border. Enjoy the afternoon in this pretty town at the foot of the mountains. As an optional activity, in the afternoon, take a local bus around 20 minutes to Wagenbrüchsee. Here you can walk around the picturesque lake and fields with the view of Germany’s tallest mountains in the distance. We’ll be staying 2 nights at this accommodation.
Included: Breakfast, Train Ticket, Accommodation

Beer Hall, Munich
Munich Residence

Day 6: Zugspitze, Germany’s Tallest Mountain & Lake Eibsee


This morning we head to Germany’s tallest mountain, but don’t worry we won’t be hiking to the top! Instead, we’ll take a local train to lake Eibsee, and from here board the longest cable car in the world. It’s roughly a ten minute ride to the top of Zugspitze, and at the top we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the stunning mountain views. You can walk from Germany to Austria at the top as the mountain is on the border. Take time to enjoy a beer at the tallest beer hall in Germany. Keep in mind, the temperature at the top is a bit cooler. We’ll take the return cable car back to lake Eibsee. Enjoy a walk around the emerald waters, or take a pedal boat out on the water. We’ll return to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for the evening.
Included: Breakfast, Cable Car & Zugspitze, Accommodation

Day 7: Neuschwanstein Castle & Castle Hohenschwangau


Today we travel by private coach to one of the most iconic castles in the world, Neuschwanstein. If this castle looks familiar, it’s because Disney based the Cinderella castle off of it! The castle was commissioned by King Ludwig of Bavaria as a retreat. We’ll also visit the neighboring Hohenschwangau Castle. Both castle visits are guided. We'll stop for an afternoon lunch or cake break at a local restaurant in one of the neighboring small towns. We'll then end our day in Munich, for ease of departure the following  day. One night at this accommodation.
Included: Breakfast, Castle Entrance & Day Trip, Accommodation

Day 8: Munich & Auf Wiedersehen

Our adventures in Bavaria come to an end today, and you can depart the accommodation at your leisure. 
Included: Breakfast

Neuschwanstein Castle
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